Stand UP while there is Still Time

This is a very different word than I think I have ever given. Some of you may think I’m being political. I don’t believe I am being political, just reflecting reality, so I respectfully ask that you bear with me through some appeals I’m about to make because my heart is breaking and I can no longer remain silent in the face of the human suffering that is resulting from the growing depth of wickedness I see enveloping my beloved nation and the world. So I’ll begin with the hard statement.

When gross incompetence disrupts the nation as it is doing at the southern border, we can perhaps adjust. When incompetence – or malfeasance – corrupts and denies or twists our constitution, we can perhaps forgive even as we cry out about it. When our government lurches to the left in directions we do not wish to go, we can look to the next election. But when gross incompetence costs precious lives, unnecessary deaths, and makes a shameful spectacle of our nation before the world, it’s time to rise up and make our voices heard. Let your representatives and senators know that they must stand and oppose this administration’s agenda and even call for resignations as more and more courageous ones of both parties are already doing. We can’t afford three and a half more years of this. read more