What has Happened… and What is Coming?

Recent weeks for me have been a time of connecting the dots. The Lord called me to review my dream journals going to back to 2009. The result is what I’m sharing with all of you.

April 2009 DREAM: I dreamed five white tornadoes coming toward me across an open field lined with buildings on either side of the field that was about 100 yards wide. The sun was at my back and lit the tornadoes in white light. I was not frightened. Some of my people were behind me and I turned to reassure them that this was a good thing.

May 2010: in Toronto at a conference during worship, I was pondering some prophecies of doom and gloom released by others that I had been asked to evaluate, when the Lord said, “You have five years in which to prepare.” I thought of five as the number of grace and anticipated an indeterminate period of grace until I began April 10 to review old dream journals and put some dates together. Now it seems more literal as you will see below.

December 5, 2016: During a prayer meeting at church, I received a vision of four sticks standing up with the fourth one bending. The Lord said, “You have four years in which to prepare. You have lost the art of the tremble.” I understood that there would be some kind of downturn in the president’s fourth year and that it was important that we recover the fear of the Lord in preparation. This current crisis is that downturn.

January 22, 2016 DREAM: A woman with a clear angelic air about her is leading me/us from a small boat up onto a lonely muddy looking land that looks void of vegetation. She is taking us to an important meeting of some kind. As we walk, she says very mysteriously, “There are going to be 2 more,” and I know she’s talking about who will be at the meeting. It turned out to be a banquet of some kind with the president of the United States and it seemed as though we were late because everyone was gone except the president. The president received me graciously and invited me to take some food. Not much was left, but it was enough, although it was cold because it was the end of the banquet and no one remained present but him. Then I had a sense that the next president was about to arrive. At the same time, I saw another dinner, a fresh feast laid out on a table a bit higher in the room, up two or three steps on what looked like a stage. I went up to investigate the food and had the sense that the new president was almost there, as if just outside. I had a very good feeling about this next president.


I had the five tornadoes dream in 2009. Then in May 2010 God told me cryptically that we had five years to prepare. That led to May 2015. Donald Trump openly declared his candidacy June 16, 2015, five years and less than one month later. Thus began Tornado #1 of radical and dramatic change with Trump as both the wrecking ball and the master rebuilder. God told me in October, 2016 before the election, “Trump will win but he will not serve.” In other words he would not serve the system as it was.

Tornado #2: corresponds to the failed Russian collusion investigation that tore the country apart in the midst of a roaring economy or “feast” as in the January 2016 dream.

Tornado #3: corresponds to the failed drive to impeach the president that further divided the nation in the midst of what still remained an economic “feast”.

Tornado #4: comes in the form of the current Covid-19 crisis. At this point, the “feast”, the economic abundance from my dream of January 22, 2016, has little remaining on the table and is growing cold.

Tornado #5: is yet to come. But these are white tornadoes, meaning that God is bringing His purposes out of them. One of those purposes is that God is using the Covid-19 crisis – tornado #4 – to humble and refine Donald Trump in order to break away the crust and reveal the gentle and compassionate man God has made him to be. If we will pray for him with honor and respect, especially as the new Christian he is, then fresh light from the Holy Spirit flowing through him will expose and shame the wickedness of those who have been his enemies.

In the banquet room in the January 2016 dream, a new feast has been laid out and prepared for the arrival of the new president. I believe there will be a restoration of prosperity before Trump leaves office, ready for the next president to preside over.

I believe the season of the fifth tornado will include the most dramatic and powerful revival we’ve ever seen. As well as an economic feast, it will be a season of a feast in the Holy Spirit. The first four tornadoes have set the stage for this by shaking everything that can be shaken. The remnant have taken the shaking to heart in repentance and purification, especially during this fourth tornado Covid-19 crisis.

The angel began the dream in January 2016 by saying, “There are going to be two more.” Two more would be coming to this feast that seems to be in two parts in this meeting with the president. I am not certain of the meaning of the two presidents, so I will ask a question. Is this a second version of Donald Trump, humbled, shaken and shaped by this crisis? Is he both the first in the dream and then the second one – Donald Trump version 2 – to come at the time of the second and higher “feast”?

In any case, we have been called to intense prayer rooted in repentance for our national sins and those of the body of Christ. In this way be lay the groundwork for revival and we begin to recover our lost cultural authority.