Urgent – Hurricanes and other Disasters

Because of the urgency of the hour, I’m rather hastily sending out this Prophetic Moments emailing. Please read and consider carefully. This is a combination and extension of two posts I put on Facebook, plus another concern, but I felt it should all go to a wider audience.

Please don’t jump on the bandwagon of so-called prophetic words claiming that God has judged Houston with Hurricane Harvey. First, that’s cruelty to a suffering people. You wouldn’t tell a dying cancer patient that he or she was getting what they deserved. Don’t do that to Houston. That kind of thing is not the heart of Father God.

Second, are there not 10 righteous in Houston, for the sake of whom God would have spared Houston as He would have Sodom? I know of multitudes of solid believers living there who are now pouring their hearts out in the relief effort.

Third, I have long taught what Jesus Himself said in Matthew 24 and other places, that, in all the turmoil and natural disasters we see, the earth is travailing in labor to give birth to the kingdom of God. This living entity on which we live can no longer bear up under the accumulated sin of mankind and is beginning react. Harvey was not an act of our loving Father God. So, lay off of the eagerness to pronounce judgment and simply pray for the people of Houston, then contribute to their relief in whatever way you can. See also Romans 8.

Now Hurricane Irma: Several years ago (can’t remember how long) I “saw” Florida “erased” as in leveled. That vision has never left me. This hurricane could have that effect. When I saw that Irma is the strongest hurricane on record, it all came rushing back to me. I don’t believe any prophetic word is a fixed thing unless the Lord says it is fixed. Words of warning are given so that prayer can be offered to mitigate the effect of coming events or avoid them altogether. I know that many are praying concerning Hurricane Irma. Please keep it up. There is yet time to either diminish the impact or turn this storm out to sea.

Finally, the multitude of fires across the west, and especially in the Pacific Northwest, are causing major problems. This has been under-reported in the media because of Hurricane Harvey. Again, the earth is groaning. We see it in climate change, fires, storms and earthquakes. It is a time for prayer. It is a time for the people of God to shine. It is a time for a glorious visitation of the Spirit of God. Let there be abounding hope, even in the midst of adversity.