Trump and Clinton The Coming Election

What’s happening to our country?

With Cruz out of the race for president, our choice is now Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and I find myself more concerned for the future of our nation than I have ever been. I continue to believe that prophetic people are off base in prophesying the victor. Amos 3:7 says, “Surely the Lord God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.” What part of “secret” do we sometimes fail to understand? Doesn’t it seem clear that God does not permit us to speak openly everything we know from the Lord? God has reasons for keeping some counsel secret. In the case of this election, we as believers must not throw our brains on the table and stop thinking, discerning and praying simply because some prophetic voice – no matter who it is – declares one of the candidates to be God’s choice. Leaders of nations are just as often the people’s choice as they are God’s. To prove that point, the history of the world is replete with evil men and the disasters they brought about.

I will not reveal what I believe God has told me concerning the outcome in November, but the following is what I believe I have permission to say. Isn’t it clear that neither candidate possesses anything like the character, integrity or morality we would want to see in a president? We now must choose between two whose lives and careers have been littered with lies, deceptions and moral compromises. Psalm 34:7 says, “The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear Him, And rescues them.” America has long since ceased to fear the Lord. Consequently, we have now entered an era when, because the angel of the Lord no longer protects us, no heroes wait in the wings to lead us through the looming crisis as has been the case at every truly difficult point in our nation’s history. Days of turmoil and uncertainty lie ahead in which our faith and security in the Lord will be tested. The world has become a much more dangerous and unstable place now that the presidential race has settled on these two candidates.

I deeply oppose much of what Hillary Clinton stands for, as any believer in God and His Word should be. Moral issues matter to God and must therefore matter to us. Under Hillary’s leadership we would certainly see continuing erosion of biblical morality passed into law and increased limitations on our religious liberties and rights. This would be backed up by a left leaning Supreme Court as vacancies would be filled by those whose ideology reflects her own.

For Donald Trump’s part, he doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, and, based on what I’ve seen so far, I believe he would have difficulty admitting what he really doesn’t know. Incoming presidents receive briefings on information that no person could know without actually being elected to the office and briefed on the realities. I’ve lived long enough to see the heaviness that every president in my lifetime has borne immediately following such a briefing from the outgoing administration and from our intelligence services. I have seen the light fade from their eyes and their shoulders stoop under the weight of what they’ve just learned. Should Donald Trump be elected, and should he fail to exhibit the humility he has so far not shown us, we could find ourselves at war, and it would be a devastating one. And that doesn’t begin to address issues of the world economy and America’s effect upon it.

Hillary Clinton is not our savior. Donald Trump is no Ronald Reagan as some have claimed. Ronald Reagan had real integrity and a solid faith in God. He carried authority in a fathering anointing that inspired trust and bore fruit. Trump does not. Clinton and Trump may pander to people of faith, but neither of them can do it with real integrity. Clinton appeals particularly to the entitlement segment of the population. Trump taps our anger. Both craft their appeals in trappings of vision for the nation. Trust neither of them. Trust God alone.

Every one of the issues I’ve raised constitutes a call to prayer. Whether or not you agree with me, and whichever candidate wins this election, hearts can be changed and wise decisions can be made, regardless of the spiritual condition and inner integrity of the people in office. Times of trouble have become inevitable, but we can buy time in prayer to prepare as the body of Christ. We can purify our faith, and we can get our own hearts right, seeking security in the Lord alone and in solid local churches ready and filled with the Spirit to minister to the lost and hurting.