Prophecy from 2009 through Soon to Come

Surely the Lord God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

God has always been faithful to do this. We whom people recognize as prophetic don’t always connect the dots or understand what the Lord is saying to us. But God does announce it and eventually we get it.

A couple of months ago, I looked through my prophetic journals and realized that as far back as 2009 the Lord began to warn me of the season we now face, but I didn‘t put it all together. I’m sharing this with you now by way of saying that if the Lord saw it coming, He has an outcome that we can take hold of and rest in, rather than get lost in the fear. Bear with me because I’m going to put several items on the table before I string them together to show how they fit.

In April, 2009 God gave me a dream in which five white tornadoes were coming toward me across an open field lined with buildings on either side perhaps 100 yards apart. The sun at my back lit up the approaching tornadoes in white light. Far from being frightened, I actually felt a sense of excitement that I couldn’t explain. Some of the people of my church had gathered behind me and I turned to reassure them that these oncoming tornadoes were a good thing.

In May, 2010 I attended a conference at what was then the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. Just before I boarded the flight from Denver to Toronto, my brother, Mark, handed me a stack of really frightening doom and gloom prophecies he had collected from a number of sources. He wanted me to evaluate them.

At the conference, as I soaked in a powerful time of worship, pondering the prophecies I’d just read through, the Lord clearly said, “You have five years in which to prepare.” I thought of five as the symbolic number for grace and felt that God would give an indeterminate period of grace to prepare before the coming crisis would strike. When the coronavirus crisis began to unfold, I was prompted to review old dream journals and to put some dates together. Suddenly, the five years became much more literal.

On December 5, 2016, during a prayer gathering at our church, I received a vision of four sticks standing up with the fourth one bending. I asked the Lord what it meant and He said, “You have four years in which to prepare. You have lost the art of the tremble.” I understood that there would be some kind of downturn in the president’s fourth year and that, for the sake of preparation, it was important that we recover the fear of the Lord.

Then came the Russian collusion investigation, the attempt to impeach the president, and finally, the coronavirus crisis with its economic consequences.

In a dream on January 22, 2016 I saw a woman with a clear angelic air about her. She was leading me from a small boat up onto a lonely muddy landscape that was void of vegetation. I knew she was taking me to an important meeting of some kind. As we walked, she very mysteriously informed me, “There are going to be two more.” I understood her to mean that two more would be coming to the meeting. The meeting itself turned out to be a kind of banquet with the president of the United States. He received me graciously and invited me to take some food. Not much was left because the banquet seemed to be over, but it was enough, although the food was cold and no one remained but the president himself.

I then sensed that the next president was about to arrive. At the same time, on what appeared to be a stage a few steps up from me, I saw another dinner, a fresh feast laid out and prepared. I knew the next president was almost there, as if just outside, and I had a really good feeling about him.

Added up, what does all this mean?

I had the five tornadoes dream in 2009. In dream symbolism, tornadoes represent sudden cataclysmic change. Then in May 2010 God spoke the word about five years in which to prepare. That led to May 2015 – five years. Donald Trump openly declared his candidacy June 16, 2015, five years and less than one month later. Donald Trump’s candidacy began the first of the five tornadoes that would bring radical and dramatic change. Trump became both the wrecking ball and master rebuilder. In October, 2016, just before the election, I heard God say, “Trump will win but he will not serve.” In other words he would not serve the system as it was. He certainly has not and has been hated for it.

The second tornado was the failed Russian collusion investigation that tore the country apart in the midst of a roaring economy or “feast” as in the January 2016 dream.

Tornado number three was the failed attempt to impeach the president that further divided the nation and fanned the flames of conflict and hatred in the midst of what remained an economic “feast”.

The fourth tornado was and is the Covid-19 crisis that has wrecked the economy and thrown the nation into unprecedented chaos, coupled with the riots and destruction in our major cities. Sudden cataclysmic change! The “feast” which had been the economic abundance from my dream of January 22, 2016 then grew cold with little remaining on the table, just as in the dream. Each successive tornado has been more intense than the one that came before.

Yet to come is the fifth tornado, but I’ll get to that in moment. Remember these are white tornadoes, which means that although the enemy intended this for evil, God is using them bring about His purposes. One of God’s purposes in the fourth tornado, the current crisis, is to humble and refine Donald Trump in order to break away the outer crust of his rough persona to reveal the gentle and compassionate man God has made him to be at his core. If we will pray for him with honor and respect, especially because reliable reports say that he is a new Christian, then fresh light from the Holy Spirit will flow through him to expose and shame the wickedness of those who have unjustly been his enemies.

In the banquet room in the January, 2016 dream, a new feast was laid out and ready for the arrival of the new president. I believe prosperity, a fresh feast, will be in place before Trump leaves office. It will be on the table and ready for the next president to preside over, giving us respite for perhaps three to seven years before a greater crisis erupts.

More importantly, I believe the season of the fifth tornado will include one of the most dramatic and powerful revivals in history. More than just an economic feast, it will be a season of feasting in the Holy Spirit. The first four tornadoes have set the stage for this by shaking everything that can be shaken. A purified remnant have taken the shaking to heart in repentance and purification, especially during the fourth tornado Covid-19 crisis.

The angel began the dream in January 2016 by saying, “There are going to be two more.” I suspect that the second president may well be a second version of Donald Trump, humbled, shaken and shaped by the Covid-19 crisis. If I’m right, we will see a Donald Trump, version two, presiding over the second and higher “feast”. This, of course requires prayer for the president. None of this is set in stone.

Whatever all this may mean, we of the remnant have been called to intense prayer, rooted in repentance for ourselves, for our national sins and for the sins of the body of Christ. In repentance we lay the groundwork for revival and we begin to recover our lost authority to speak into this culture.

The wind of the Spirit in the fifth tornado will radically change the heart and spirit of the church in an outpouring unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Meanwhile, the simultaneous storm wind of societal decay and destruction will continue to rock the world and devastate nations.

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  1. What an amazing prophetic word. I will be definitely sharing this. God bless you for your obedience.

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