Bob Jones and the “Super Bowl” Prophecy

There seems to be a growing discussion surrounding an old prophecy from the late Bob Jones that the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl would signal a great revival. Some people question whether or not Bob Jones was a reliable prophet or whether he was a prophet at all, while others swear by him. Others point to a string of coincidental occurrences of the number 2 as support for the validity of this prophecy. The Kansas City victory happened on 2/2/2020 and was apparently the 222nd win for the coach. Added to this is the idea that it was 50 years since the last time the Chiefs landed in a Super Bowl, if I have it right. The fiftieth year, people say, is a jubilee year. Does all this really mean anything?

Over the years, I’ve seen God do crazy things with numbers that seemed coincidental, even in my own life, so I want to say “maybe”, but I remain in a place of wait and see. What we must do is pray and do the things that lay a foundation for revival. We must do them with perseverance and walk faithfully. In recent years, a strong word has been released through prophetic voices that the body of Christ needs to awaken and prepare for the coming move of God. I’ve been one of them. I’m not at all certain to what extent this word has really been heard and heeded. If a fresh revival were to be released right now, would we be able to sustain it?

I’m therefore issuing a caution. Don’t get all cranked up about this prophecy. I myself have prophesied the coming end time revival, one that will eclipse even the Day of Pentecost. I’ve prophesied this both verbally and in books I’ve written. I just don’t know if it’s now and I don’t know if this actually connects with the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory. I’m not saying it doesn’t. I’m only saying that I’m not camping on it. If we make a big deal of that supposed connection and it doesn’t come about right away, then we all are made to look rather foolish at the expense of the Lord’s reputation in the world. The apostle Peter admonished us to keep sober in spirit. This is a good time to do just that.

So, rather than allow ourselves to become distracted by the excitement a prophetic word can generate when taken in an unbalanced way – even an accurate one – I think it wiser that we focus on Jesus, holiness and faithfulness in order to prepare effectively for revival. Then let God do what God will do when He chooses to do it.