Annual Prophetic Word 2020

Each year I give an annual prophetic word, sharing with you what I believe the Lord is telling me for the nation, the world and the body of Christ. Normally I release this in late December or early January, but this year, in light of the impeachment hearings and other national turmoil, the Lord called me to release it early.

We’ve been praying for revival when we should be praying for a movement, a tsunami that sweeps all before it. We’re asking for too little…

Revivals and renewal movements have come and gone largely because they lack the foundation in blood covenant, the element that binds the entire Bible together. And it’s the one thing contemporary culture most lacks.

Another key to the outpouring of the Spirit to come. What really holds most of us back from becoming the world-changers we’ve been called to be? What changes need to happen within our own hearts?