An URGENT Call to Pray!!!

For a VERY LONG TIME I have long warned believers who oppose the agenda of the left not to take Donald Trump’s reelection for granted, regardless of how many have prophesied it.

I have been attacked by some for asking that we pray for a change in the president’s heart that would lead to a change in the tone of his rhetoric in line with multiple exhortations in the Book of Proverbs to practice the kind of speech that positively influences enemies and makes it possible for people, especially enemies, to actually hear the message and connect with the speaker. In my interview on Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural” that aired a year ago last September, I made this plea. That interview has now passed 1.86 million views on Youtube alone. I wonder how many really heard and have followed through with the prayer I cried out for.

Now, just thirteen months later, we see a serious attempt to impeach, and the hatred behind it has been fed by the president’s mouth, his insulting of his enemies and the careless statements he has made. Government, addressing the pressing needs of the nation, has been swallowed up in a tsunami of impeachment frenzy.

Yes, I understand that he is a rough-and-tumble businessman and that he speaks and deals with the tone and aggressiveness of a rough-and-tumble businessman, but he is the president now and he must win people over, not conquer them, in order to advance his agenda. People who feel conquered will always respond with anger and hatred. In business when you conquer the competition you walk away with the money. In politics you can lose the vote.

That being said, I choose to look at the good he has done. For example, we have a roaring economy with the lowest unemployment rate in 51 years, the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans and Hispanics ever in history, prison reform aimed at rectifying some of the racial inequalities in the justice system, increased border security, pro-life advocacy, and a long list of other accomplishments. These are things I wholeheartedly support and applaud.

So, don’t accuse me of not supporting him, although I know that some will make support for him an accusation in itself. I am saying only that his mouth has contributed significantly to the opposition that was already there and has fueled the flames of the current crisis well beyond what it would otherwise have been. I would suggest that the majority of the angry opposition to him centers not so much on what he has actually done, but on things he has said, or on the manner in which he expresses himself. In a government built around and depending upon bipartisan participation and compromise, you cannot expect someone to come to the table for a rational exchange of ideas when you have just called them derogatory names. Rather, you will drive them to extremes of opposition well beyond what would otherwise have been the case.

No matter how you feel about this president – strongly positive or strongly negative – what remains is the biblical command to pray for our leaders, and not just the president. Pray for leaders on the other end of the political spectrum from you, as well as those with whom you agree. Please do this. The hour is urgent.