A New Ministry is Birthed!

I’m issuing both a prophetic promise and a warning. Something big is in the works and I want to be part of it…

It’s been a while since I sent out an issue of Prophetic Moments. It’s been a busy time and I will devote the bulk of this issue to an important announcement. But let’s begin with this:

God is moving the pieces on His master chessboard to position us for the strategic days to come. Ministries are shifting and changing. Those who embrace His changes to reflect His heart more fully will prosper, even though the process of change may be gut-wrenching and difficult. Some will see losses before they see gains as the Lord moves His people through the process of change. Ministries that miss it or reject the manifestation of His heart and the changes it brings will be retired or significantly diminished. Fresh ministries will emerge and are now emerging. It is a season, not just for the revelation of who He really is, but for His people to walk in it. In saying this, I’m issuing both a prophetic promise and a warning. Something big is in the works and I want to be part of it.

That being said, here is the announcement. As many of you already know, John and Paula Sandford, who pioneered in inner healing and prophetic ministry, had six children. I’m the eldest. In 1973 they left the pastorate after 20 years of ministry to start Elijah House which has had a worldwide impact ever since. My mother went to her eternal reward 6 years ago. A month and a half ago my father joined her in the Father’s presence. Since his passing, events have unfolded that have led my siblings and me to craft the following statement:

While we, the children of John and Paula Sandford, deeply honor and respect the massive impact Elijah House has had around the world, we are no longer associated with Elijah House. We bless EH to continue to pursue the ministry as they feel led while we pursue the tasks to which we are called. We are now preparing to help Mark and Maureen to start a new ministry where they can use their gifts to the fullest while they continue to faithfully carry forth the legacy of our father and mother. While we set up this ministry, if you wish to stay informed of developments, please contact sandfordnews@gmail.com, and provide us with the following information in this order: Last name, first name, email address (Note: we are not yet set up to receive donations.) Blessings from, Loren, Mark, John, and Tim Sandford, Ami Lincoln, and Andrea Bareither.

We cherish the precious legacy passed to us by our parents and we are determined as a united family to carry it forward prophetically and in advancing the Malachi 4 mandate to restore the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers. My church, New Song Church and Ministries, Denver, Colorado, will be lending the tools and resources God has so graciously provided us to help Mark and Maureen develop new and fresh material for the benefit of the body of Christ.

We covet your prayers and we thank you in advance for being the wonderful people we know that you are. To be placed on a mailing list to be kept abreast of things as they develop, be sure to send us your name and your email address to sandfordnews@gmail.com