The Battle over Leadership

A doctrine of demons has been circulating in the church in recent years that has been gaining increasing traction. Cloaked in robes of false righteousness and even claims of prophetic inspiration, but born in rebellion, it appeals to something in our culture that undermines and despises the leadership God has anointed and appointed. Wherever it goes, it weakens, divides and destroys.

It’s the idea that because we are all equal, there should be no “hierarchy” of leaders in the body of Christ. Somehow, people have gotten the idea that the churches and ministries should be governed by a team of “co-equal” elders. Let me begin by saying that everywhere I’ve seen this unbalanced and unbiblical philosophy applied, it has ultimately resulted in ministry failures, wounds and broken relationships. I realize that this doctrine of governance grew out of reactions to leaders who have led with domination and control or for self-exaltation, but the existence of abuses by leaders who missed the heart of God can never justify rejection of the kind of order Scripture actually mandates. Today, tragically, this unbiblical idea of church governance has gone beyond a reaction to abuses and has become an infection spreading into places where leadership has not been abusive or controlling. Good leaders are being diminished and dishonored. The body of Christ is being weakened. read more

Beware Leviathan

Leviathan: A spirit that works to twist words and perceptions in order to disrupt and destroy the people of God

Recently, at a national level, as well as in the church, we have suffered an attack of the Leviathan spirit. Before you get too mystical about all that, understand that Leviathan is a metaphorical reference Scripture draws from the image of a great serpentine sea creature. It describes a spirit that works to twist words and perceptions in order to disrupt and destroy the people of God. read more

Truth and the Trump Prophecies

“You have LOST the Art of the Tremble”

During a prayer meeting in December, 2016 following the election, I had a mental vision of four sticks or poles standing upright with the fourth one beginning to bend. I asked the Lord what it meant and He told me, “You, the church, have four years in which to shine.” I understood the bend in the fourth stick or pole to mean that in the fourth year things would begin to change, and not for the better. He then added, “You, the church, have lost the art of the tremble.” In other words, while so many of us have been rightly focusing on the Father’s heart, His amazing love and grace, we have forgotten that He is also the sovereign King of the Universe, lawgiver and judge. We have so lost the ability to be so awe-stricken by Him that we no longer carry a healthy measure of fear along with the comfort of love. read more

Cleaning up the Prophetic MESS!!!

If you’re at all like me, you’ve grown frustrated and discouraged at the flood of unfulfilled prophetic words spoken and published in recent years…

For the sake of God’s people and the world, we MUST do better than this! Here are five elements essential to prophetic accuracy and integrity. Let’s repair the damage before too many more people reject both the gift and, ultimately, the One who gives it. read more