Martin Luther King Day

Bridging the Racial Divide

I was deeply honored to be asked to speak for a Martin Luther King interfaith celebration on Martin Luther King Day here in Denver. I was the only white person on the platform, although I am also Osage Nation. The audience of many hundreds was 99% African American. I spent the first half of the meeting choked with emotion – love from the heart of the Father. Here is the basic text of my 10 minutes drawn from my notes. It’s not all that I said, but it’s the heart of it. It was a powerful moment for me and a time of both love and bonding in the Father’s heart. I thought I’d pass on to you some drops of “leftover wine” from that important meeting.

I was only 16 when Martin Luther King was assassinated. Except for being afraid that I might get drafted in 18 months and go to Viet Nam, I didn’t much care about anything except girls and figuring out how to play Purple Haze with my rock group. read more

Prophetic Generation Passing

Recently I’ve been asked what I think is the significance of the recent passing of a number of leading names in the prophetic world. To name three, we have said goodbye to John Paul Jackson, Bob Jones and Kim Clement. Others, though still with us, suffer health problems that have all but sidelined them. My own father, a long time honored and respected pioneer in prophetic ministry, has been effectively benched, taken from the world stage by failing health and the ravages of advancing age. A distressing number have suffered devastating marriage failures and family breakups. In some cases, we have seen the influence of formerly prominent prophetic leaders diminishing – people whose words we once closely followed. While I’m speaking of developments in the prophetic movement, the same can be said of leadership in the body of Christ in general. What is the significance of all this and what ought we to draw from it?

In 2011 I wrote the following in “Visions of the Coming Days” (published 2012, Chosen Books): A new generation of leadership is emerging to lead a fresh generation of the body of Christ who will shine with His nature. Signs and wonders, power ministry, and healing will follow after those the Lord reveals as those who have come to look like Him, carrying the Father’s heart, but the focus of their lives will not fall on the supernatural. Real holiness and genuine supernatural power flow inside out from godly wholeness that results in the kind of intimacy with God that Jesus spoke of when He said that He and the Father were one. Inner change produces outward action and consistently good fruit. read more

It is what it is!

Post Election

I’ll probably offend everyone with this one. Anyone with eyes to see knows that the election just past has generated deep divisions in the body of Christ and in the nation. I think we all need to stop and consider the impact of our words on those with whom you might disagree, but whom the Lord loves just as much as He loves you.

Prophetic voices have proclaimed Donald Trump to be some kind of Cyrus who will bless the body of Christ and save the nation. When others point out his character flaws, whether exaggerated or not, many conservative Christians vehemently defend him. When prophetic people make these proclamations and when believers defend him, they appear to those who refused to support him to be validating those character flaws and to be approving of what, to them, appears to be heinous sin and wickedness. read more

Trump: A Prophecy of Hope and Prayer

I can now say what the Lord would not allow me to say before the election for all the reasons many of you have seen in my writings. The following paragraph contains excerpts from my prayer journal, things I heard from the Lord and wrote down, but held back in obedience to Him. These entries are raw and I present them just as I received them without any elaboration or explanation.

2/25/16 – Trump will be president. This will buy us time, but it will be a time of turmoil. The country will come out of it with the current system completely disrupted and no one at a governmental level will know what the rules are. 10/10/16 – Trump will edge out Clinton and the nation will be divided. There will be protests in the streets, although peaceful. Marches will be held. Signs will be waved. But I will preserve the nation. Trump will win his way. He will learn the office and he will survive. People will be surprised. 10/27/16 – He will win but he will not serve. read more

A Word about the Election

Any thinking person who understands and cherishes the nature of the God we serve has struggled with the defiling spirit of this election cycle. Never in my lifetime have the choices been so unappealing. Faced with two deeply objectionable nominees, I would counsel everyone to stop focusing on the flaws of the candidates as people and examine the party platforms. Pray. Discern. Listen to the Spirit of God. Then study and vote for the party platform – as opposed to the person – that most represents your values. If you feel that you must vote for a third party candidate in order to salve your conscience, then do so, but consider that the next president will appoint 1 to 3 Supreme Court justices who, unlike the temporary occupants of the White House, will serve for life and affect the future of our nation for a generation.

I will tell no one how to vote, nor am I allowed to prophesy the outcome. I merely encourage all of us to examine the issues, pray, listen to God, think and vote. Regardless of the outcome, our King is Jesus and we are citizens first and foremost of the kingdom of God. He is our hope, not America, not a president and not a government. read more