Once hatred has been sown, once respectful constructive dialog can no longer happen between opposing groups, violence becomes inevitable.

Scripture says that sin when full grown brings forth death. As a result, violence now escalates in our land and in the world at large. It’s not all Islamic radicals, either. It’s workplace violence, politically motivated violence, shootings in schools and violent racial conflict. A recent news article pointed out that shootings of police are up 20% this year. We have seen a key congressman and four others with him shot while practicing for a friendly baseball game, all victims of a hate-filled gunman. read more

7 Tests of a True Prophetic Word

With so many questionable prophetic words circulating these days, concerning both the wider world and personal prophecies, wouldn’t it be a good thing for the body of Christ to sharpen its discernment?

I fear that to fail to do this will ultimately result in a tragic disillusionment with prophetic ministry at a time in history when accurate plumb line prophetic ministry is desperately needed. What are some ways to sort true words from false? read more

Crossing the Line Prophetically

One of the most difficult lessons for any so-called prophet to learn is to keep quiet when God falls silent…

What do you do when people see you as a prophet but you have nothing to prophesy? You feel the expectation and the demand from people for you to deliver words from God. There are meetings to lead, articles to write and questions to answer. And so you pray. You worship. You fellowship with God and you sense His presence but it’s a season or a setting in which the words just don’t come. You might worry that you’ve somehow lost your anointing or that the gift has died. But that’s not possible, is it? The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable, according to Scripture. What to do? read more

Two Storms Coming!

…One is the whirlwind. The other is the wind of the Holy Spirit. Both will come with tornado strength and force.

The whirlwind will dramatically change the nation and the world as we know it. Nations and cultures must reap what has been sown.
For believers, the wind of the Holy Spirit will dramatically change the heart and spirit of the church as we know it through an outpouring the nature of which will be unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. read more

A VERY Dangerous Time

I’m sending this out, realizing it will be controversial, just to challenge thinking: Beginning in the 1930’s the Nazis suppressed freedom of speech and visited penalties on those who spoke in ways of which they disapproved. On November 9-10, 1938 there was Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, when violent protests were perpetrated against the Jews, their synagogues and their businesses whom they blamed for all the troubles in the world. It was the Nazis who persecuted those Christians and others who disagreed with their agenda and political beliefs. read more