Two Storms Coming!

…One is the whirlwind. The other is the wind of the Holy Spirit. Both will come with tornado strength and force.

The whirlwind will dramatically change the nation and the world as we know it. Nations and cultures must reap what has been sown.
For believers, the wind of the Holy Spirit will dramatically change the heart and spirit of the church as we know it through an outpouring the nature of which will be unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. read more

A VERY Dangerous Time

I’m sending this out, realizing it will be controversial, just to challenge thinking: Beginning in the 1930’s the Nazis suppressed freedom of speech and visited penalties on those who spoke in ways of which they disapproved. On November 9-10, 1938 there was Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, when violent protests were perpetrated against the Jews, their synagogues and their businesses whom they blamed for all the troubles in the world. It was the Nazis who persecuted those Christians and others who disagreed with their agenda and political beliefs. read more

Martin Luther King Day

Bridging the Racial Divide

I was deeply honored to be asked to speak for a Martin Luther King interfaith celebration on Martin Luther King Day here in Denver. I was the only white person on the platform, although I am also Osage Nation. The audience of many hundreds was 99% African American. I spent the first half of the meeting choked with emotion – love from the heart of the Father. Here is the basic text of my 10 minutes drawn from my notes. It’s not all that I said, but it’s the heart of it. It was a powerful moment for me and a time of both love and bonding in the Father’s heart. I thought I’d pass on to you some drops of “leftover wine” from that important meeting.

I was only 16 when Martin Luther King was assassinated. Except for being afraid that I might get drafted in 18 months and go to Viet Nam, I didn’t much care about anything except girls and figuring out how to play Purple Haze with my rock group. read more