What is the Plan Now?

Every time I turn on the news, I see things I wrote in Visions of the Coming Days now unfolding. As for what is yet to come in the presidential election and beyond, I believe God has given me a sense of it, but although many prophetic people with much larger audiences than my own are making bold predictions, I am limited in what I am allowed to speak prophetically. Up to this point, much of what has been prophesied by leading voices has been contradictory, leaving believers confused – or taking sides.

The clearest word I am currently receiving from the Lord concerning the election and its outcome is, “Watch and pray.” I believe that in this season we must calm down, seek the Lord, observe what is happening around us and dedicate ourselves to prayer. I will state with certainty, however, that very difficult times have become inevitable. We will see growing turmoil worldwide, both economically and politically. Great Britain’s exit from the European Union is only the beginning. Expect ever increasing bloodshed, as well. While I will not openly predict the outcome of the election, the choice America will make in November will either buy us additional time or hasten the inevitable. Watch and pray! read more

Trump and Clinton The Coming Election

What’s happening to our country?

With Cruz out of the race for president, our choice is now Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, and I find myself more concerned for the future of our nation than I have ever been. I continue to believe that prophetic people are off base in prophesying the victor. Amos 3:7 says, “Surely the Lord God does nothing Unless He reveals His secret counsel To His servants the prophets.” What part of “secret” do we sometimes fail to understand? Doesn’t it seem clear that God does not permit us to speak openly everything we know from the Lord? God has reasons for keeping some counsel secret. In the case of this election, we as believers must not throw our brains on the table and stop thinking, discerning and praying simply because some prophetic voice – no matter who it is – declares one of the candidates to be God’s choice. Leaders of nations are just as often the people’s choice as they are God’s. To prove that point, the history of the world is replete with evil men and the disasters they brought about. read more

Three Prophetic Mandates for the Church

Last November I had three prophetic dreams in sequence over a period of five days that define the heart of the Father and pose three vital mandates for the church in this strategically crucial time.

In the first dream, John Paul Jackson (leading prophetic voice, deceased February 2014) came to me to pour out his grief over what he saw going on in the prophetic movement. Deeply broken over it, he knew that he could no longer change it himself. I knew that he had passed away and so it felt as though his spirit had come to me bearing the grief one would feel when you can’t go back to address the mistakes made in life. It seemed that some measure of responsibility was being passed to me in the encounter. read more