Elijah Rain Ministries!


Dear friends,

We’re on our way! After some much needed rest, we’re excited to be starting a new ministry. We’ve chosen a name, ELIJAH RAIN MINISTRIES, and are in the process of setting up our 501(c)(3). In our next email, we’ll explain the meaning of the name. Right now we’re busy arranging the business side of things and designing a logo. My brother Loren’s church, New Song Church and Ministries in Denver, has offered their state-of-the-art camera equipment to video our teachings. And there will be new books and articles, etc. Loren will be here the second week in July with Beth to help us create a new website!

After Elijah’s departure, Elisha wore Elijah’s mantle and carried on the work he began. And he expanded it! My parents, John and Paula Sandford, passed their mantles to Maureen and me before going to be with Jesus. So, as an Elisha to their Elijah, here’s how we’re going to expand the work they began: read more

Overcoming the Wave of Hatred

The same disease that has infected the nation has also invaded the body of Christ…Hatred!

Long ago I began issuing prophetic warnings of the wave of hatred that would engulf our nation and even the world. I pled then for Christians not to participate in it. Now that wave is upon us, both in the world around us and in the body of Christ. read more

A New Ministry is Birthed!

I’m issuing both a prophetic promise and a warning. Something big is in the works and I want to be part of it…

It’s been a while since I sent out an issue of Prophetic Moments. It’s been a busy time and I will devote the bulk of this issue to an important announcement. But let’s begin with this:

God is moving the pieces on His master chessboard to position us for the strategic days to come. Ministries are shifting and changing. Those who embrace His changes to reflect His heart more fully will prosper, even though the process of change may be gut-wrenching and difficult. Some will see losses before they see gains as the Lord moves His people through the process of change. Ministries that miss it or reject the manifestation of His heart and the changes it brings will be retired or significantly diminished. Fresh ministries will emerge and are now emerging. It is a season, not just for the revelation of who He really is, but for His people to walk in it. In saying this, I’m issuing both a prophetic promise and a warning. Something big is in the works and I want to be part of it. read more

The Battle over Leadership

A doctrine of demons has been circulating in the church in recent years that has been gaining increasing traction. Cloaked in robes of false righteousness and even claims of prophetic inspiration, but born in rebellion, it appeals to something in our culture that undermines and despises the leadership God has anointed and appointed. Wherever it goes, it weakens, divides and destroys.

It’s the idea that because we are all equal, there should be no “hierarchy” of leaders in the body of Christ. Somehow, people have gotten the idea that the churches and ministries should be governed by a team of “co-equal” elders. Let me begin by saying that everywhere I’ve seen this unbalanced and unbiblical philosophy applied, it has ultimately resulted in ministry failures, wounds and broken relationships. I realize that this doctrine of governance grew out of reactions to leaders who have led with domination and control or for self-exaltation, but the existence of abuses by leaders who missed the heart of God can never justify rejection of the kind of order Scripture actually mandates. Today, tragically, this unbiblical idea of church governance has gone beyond a reaction to abuses and has become an infection spreading into places where leadership has not been abusive or controlling. Good leaders are being diminished and dishonored. The body of Christ is being weakened. read more