Generational Restoration

One clear end time promise of God is Malachi 4:5-6, that God would send Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and terrible day of the Lord to restore the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to the fathers so that He would...

The Coming WRATH and God’s PROMISE!

I am issuing a stronger prophetic warning than I ever have. I wrote in VISIONS OF THE COMING DAYS in 2011 that the U.S. was not yet under wrath. I differentiated judgment from wrath by saying that judgment is the pressure brought to bear by a loving and patient God to separate right from wrong and good from evil. When judgment fails to produce that result – when repentance does not come – wrath falls as God’s last resort to remedy the greater destruction wickedness brings. I said in 2011 that we were perhaps three quarters of the way through the season of judgment. I am now saying that the cup of the Lord’s wrath is nearly full.

I prophesied in 2015 that we would see a level and depth of corruption exposed in the U.S. government that would rock the nation. We’re seeing it now on both sides of the political aisle and there is more to come. Many of those surrounding President Trump have come under indictment, although the Mueller report has absolved him of collusion with the Russians and finds insufficient evidence for obstruction of justice. Crimes are surfacing from the last presidential administration that have yet to be prosecuted. Sexual immorality has accelerated in both quantity and perversity culture-wide – and even in the church – until it permeates nearly every television show and movie production in reflection of the condition of the culture these are meant to entertain. It is, of course, presented as normal, natural and good. read more


The prophets of the Old Testament were desperate to awaken Israel from spiritual slumber in order to prepare for or avoid the troubled days about to come upon them. Their desperation flowed from a depth of love for God and for His people. If you read the prophets as they’re meant to be read, you can feel their grief coming through in their words.

Today I understand their desperation and grief more deeply than I ever have, but I have hope. When I travel I see a remnant – a growing remnant – longing for God. They don’t want hype. They’re tired of the show. They won’t respond to manipulation or deceit. They just want Jesus. There’s a purified hunger growing in them. They love worship and will linger in it for extended periods of time. They love the Word, they love to pray, and they love one another. Their passion is growing. read more

2019 Annual Prophetic Word

This issue of Prophetic Moments comes in 2 part video form. There is simply too much to put in print. It would make two long chapters of a book that I will, in fact, be writing this year.

This is a crucial hour. We have a limited time of favor in which to prepare for what is to come – a time of both deep darkness and the brightness of our rising. It is an hour of trouble coming to the world, but also an approaching season of glory for us as believers. read more