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A Return to a Childlike Faith and a Deeper Experience of God

You are called to a higher place in GOD. A hunger for more is growing in the hearts of an increasing number of Christians who sense that what God has promised is much greater than what they've actually experienced. But the answers won’t be found in the spiritual hero on the platform despite how good the messages might be. Ultimately, the solution can be found only in a deeper understanding of the Father’s heart.
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Prophetic School

Prophetic School - Loren Sandford


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"True prophetic accuracy comes from
knowing and understanding the Father
heart of God at some level. If you have
God’s heart then you know what God
knows. This is the heart of all
consistently accurate prophecy and
all consistently effective ministry."

- R. Loren Sandford


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Biblical Principles Concerning Ethics and Protocols Relating to New Testament Prophetic Ministry 


Originally compiled by John Paul Jackson and Marc Dupont
Editing team: John Paul Jackson, Marc Dupont, Loren Sandford, John Sandford, Jim Goll and Bobby Connor


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    GROWING OUT OF THE IDOLATRY OF THE ANOINTING Prophetic Moments – Issue #75 – September 2014 by R. Loren Sandford As an older minister in the Lord, I have the advantage of having lived through several moves of the Spirit, including the prophetic. I’ve seen and been part of both...

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