"Visions Of The Coming Days: What to Look for and How to Prepare"

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By R. Loren Sandford. We are living in uncertain times. As we watch society spiral downward, we cannot help but wonder, deep down, what is going to happen to our world.  Find out what to look for and how to prepare:  MORE INFO or BUY BOOK
Foreword by:  John Paul Jackson




Each year Pastors Loren and Nate minister in Ukraine. The need to minister and strengthen churches and pastors in this former Iron Curtain country is very great. The Ukraine people are hungry for God and each year we receive repeated requests urging our return to teach and minister.

VIDEO: See how God is moving! This is the Father's Blessing Spiritual Center in Krasnoarmeysk, Ukraine.

Each year we face new challenges to returning to Ukraine. The most obvious challenge is that airfare costs have risen, so we desperately need your financial help. We are preparing for the Ukraine 2015 Ministry Trip and are grateful for your prayer and financial assistance.

HELP BY DONATION: Click below on the "Donate" button at the bottom of the page, and designate funds for "UKRAINE" in the "special instructions to seller" area.

OR, BY CHECK: Send a check made out to "New Song Church and Ministries" and write "UKRAINE" in the note area. Send to New Song Church and Ministries, 8242 Pecos Street, Denver, CO 80221
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"True prophetic accuracy comes from knowing and understanding the Father heart of God at some level. If you have God’s heart then you know what God knows. This is the heart of all consistently accurate prophecy and all consistently effective ministry."
- R. Loren Sandford



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Join us in the commitments we have made regarding Prophetic Ministry.

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Biblical Principles Concerning Ethics and Protocols Relating to New Testament Prophetic Ministry 


Originally compiled by John Paul Jackson and Marc Dupont
Editing team: John Paul Jackson, Marc Dupont, Loren Sandford, John Sandford, Jim Goll and Bobby Connor


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